Thursday, January 31, 2013

Attorney Pamela Magnano and the Children's Law Center

Attorney Pamela M. Magnano serves on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Law Center of Connecticut (“CLC”).  In addition to being a member of the Board of Directors, Attorney Magnano also serves as co-chair for the CLC’s annual Gala. 

Attorney Pamela Magnano sits on the board of directors of the Children's Law Center in Connecticut.  The Children’s Law Center is the only organization in the state that provides legal advocates to indigent children in contentious family court cases.  The staff attorneys for the CLC take on cases that are complex and high conflict.  The CLC strives to make family life as safe and stable as possible for the children they represent.  In addition to the staff attorneys, the CLC utilizes a mental health professional to appropriately address any mental health issues.  The services offered by the Children’s Law Center ensure that many children who might not have a voice, will be heard.

Attorney Pamela Magnano sits on the board of directors of the Children's Law Center.  Attorney James Flaherty and Flaherty Leagl Group support the Children's Law Center and it work in advocating for children.
Attorney Pamela Magnano
In addition to representation, the CLC also runs the Families In Transitions program.  This program is a mediation program that provides conflict resolution to parents with custody and parenting disputes.  This program is one of the only programs affordable to low income families in need of assistance.  The program utilizes a male/female team approach with an attorney and a mental health professional.  Both Attorney Magnano and Attorney Sandi Girolamo are volunteer mediators with this program.

The CLC also offers the Law Line, which is a legal resource for any person who needs assistance with legal issues relating to children regardless of income level.  The Law Line provides an invaluable resource to those who do not know how to maneuver the Court system and may need guidance.

Lastly, the CLC actively participates in ongoing advocacy efforts at the state level for issues involving children.

2013 marks the 20th Anniversary for the CLC and the CLC has many different events being planned to celebrate this momentous occasion.  Please check back with us to learn more about these events.

Attorney Pamela M. Magnano practices Divorce and Family Law at Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, CT with Attorneys Sandi B. Girolamo and James T. Flaherty.