Friday, March 28, 2014

A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut

A Practical Guide to Divorce in ConnecticutOn January 6, 2014, MCLE New England published “A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut”.  This book takes the reader through the divorce process from the client intake through post trial motions and appeals.  Written by many of the top Family Law attorneys in Connecticut, this book will become a valuable resource for family lawyers at all experience levels.  Flaherty Legal Group, LLC is proud to announce that Attorneys Sandi B. Girolamo and Pamela M. Magnano were contributing authors to this publication. 

Attorneys James T. Flaherty, Sandi B. Girolamo and Pamela M. Magnano practice Divorce and Family Law in West Hartford, Connecticut
Attorney Pamela Magnano and Attorney Sandi B. Girolamo practice divorce and and family law with Attorney James Flaherty at Flaherty Legal Group, LLC in West Hartford, Connecticut.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Divorce and Taxes

There are many issues to consider when negotiating a divorce agreement, but most people do not consider all of the implications a divorce can have on your taxes.  When preparing to enter into a divorce agreement, you should consider whether certain exemptions/deductions should be addressed in your divorce agreement.  Parents should have an agreement on who claims the children for the dependency exemption.  Additionally, you should speak to your accountant about the IRS rules regarding claiming the child care credit and the child tax credit.   In addition, if you own a home, your agreement should be clear on who gets to claim the taxes and interest associated with this ownership. 
When analyzing whether or not an agreement is in your best interest, it is important to not only know your weekly disposable income but also what you can expect when tax season approaches.  We encourage our clients to work with their accountants and our attorneys to maximize the benefits that they may receive when filing their taxes.  At Flaherty Legal Group, LLC we believe it is important to consult professionals that can assist us and you in making the best decisions.
Attorney Pamela Magnano of Flaherty Legal Group. Divorce and Family Law Attorney West Hartford, Connecticut.
Attorney Pamela Magnano of Flaherty Legal Group, LLC
Attorney Pamela Magnano practices Divorce and Family Law with James Flaherty and Sandi Girolamo at Flaherty Legal Group, LLC in West Hartford, CT.

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