Thursday, February 14, 2013

Did you know? Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriages are treated differently than heterosexual marriages.  The State of Connecticut recognizes these marriages and affords same sex spouses the same privileges as heterosexual spouses when it comes to medical benefits, retirement benefits and taxes.  However, the Federal Government does not apply the same standards as the State of Connecticut.  This difference means that additional paperwork may need to be prepared in order for you to have protections while married.  Also, in the event of divorce, there are many traps and consequences that can occur if you are not careful.
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Attorney Pamela Magnano practices divorce and family law with Attorney James Flaherty at Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, Connecticut.  She blogs about topics including same sex marriage.
Attorney Pamela Magnano practices family law with Attorneys James Flaherty and Sandi Girolamo at Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, Connecticut. The firm provides legal counsel for most family law matters.  If you have questions or are seeking legal counsel pertaining to same sex marriage, please contact us at (860)-904-2034.

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