Friday, April 12, 2013

DIVORCE: Parenting - What You Should Know

We continue our four-part blog series on Divorce with this post about Parenting.  Needless to say, there is much more that goes into the divorce process when the best interests of children are involved.  The following is but a small offering of information.  To acquire a better understanding of the laws, process and implications of divorce on your children and the role you play as a parent, you should consult with a Family Law Attorney.


Effective January 1, 1994, the court must order the parties in family cases in which a minor child is involved to attend a parenting Education Program.  Effective October 1, 1997, you are required to attend this program within (60) days of your return date.  Click to see a Brochure from the Court which explains the program and provides a list of locations where you may attend these classes.  An Order Certificate will need to be completed by the Service Provider.  You will need to be aware of your return date and plan your participation in this program accordingly.  


Cases that involve disputes over custody of children are the most difficult for the client to live through and for the attorney to try.  The court usually will assign a family relations officer and sometimes an attorney for the minor child to investigate the case and to offer recommendations.  There may also be reports submitted by psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers, either ordered by the court or hired by the parties.
The court, based on what it believes to be the best interest of the child, will usually enter orders of sole custody or joint custody with the children's principal residence with one of the parties. The non‑custodial parent is usually granted rights of visitation that, depending on the circumstances, may be either specific or general. 

Please read further into our four-part blog series on Divorce.  Other articles cover information pertaining to Divorce Basics, Money, and the Process.  

Attorney James Flaherty of Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, CT practices divorce and family law, including custody and child support.
Attorney James Flaherty
Attorney James T. Flaherty practices Divorce & Family Law at Flaherty Legal Group in West Hartford, Connecticut. For information about Guardian Ad Litem services, you can contact Attorney Sandi Girolamo and Attorney Pam Magnano.


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